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Passionate About Inspiring Others to Find Their Purpose

At a young age I had a passion to move through my own obstacles and found that there was always a breakthrough leading to new growth. I wanted others to see their potential as I found mine. 

I look for tools to help myself and help others find their optimal growth toward their own

potential. This became my life work. 

As a practicing psychotherapist for over 25 years, I have always

been interested in factors that contribute to wellness and balance.

I provide effective relationship counseling, individual therapy, spiritual counseling, transformational healing and life coaching that incorporates your unique goals and needs.

I integrate therapy techniques from different approaches. My integrative approach can help you explore these key issues:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety & Stress

  • Work Relationships & Career Development

  • Life Change, Transitions, & Personal Development 

  • Couples Counseling

Special techniques are used that lead to deep intervention in "Breakthrough Sessions: Using Gestalt therapy and Psychosynthesis techniques, those issues that are deep seated can be moved in a short amount of time. EMDR is used in conjunction with these methods. As a practitioner of the mind-body approach, I've worked to create a unique and integrative practice for my clients. 

The techniques used include:

  • Intensive Breakthrough Sessions

  • Healing Sessions

  • EMDR Sessions

These sessions take place over a one day to 6 week period and can be performed in conjunction with your ongoing therapist.

  • Breakthrough sessions are 1.5 hour sessions that apply Gestalt techniques and other mind, body approaches to move the client toward a quick breakthrough. 

  • Healing sessions are 1.5 hours healing sessions of body, mind, emotions, and spiritual conditions as well as balancing and grounding techniques. These techniques were learned by spending many months in India with my spiritual teacher.

  • EMDR sessions run 1.5 hours and assist the client in having spontaneous experiences. 

Nature Retreats

Guiding my clients through a growth oriented/spiritual process at my retreats brings me immense joy. The retreats are held in various centers in Upstate New York on acres of wooded land amidst beautiful streams and all the beauty and serenity that only Mother Nature can offer. These retreats nurture the heart and soul. My life's passion is exposing people to the mystery of the "Presence" found in nature.


The gradual quieting of the mind that many seek through meditation happens naturally in nature. When one's mind slows down, there is a feeling of peace, connectedness, and appreciation of the rhythm of nature. Nature’s colors and sounds become more vivid; people seem softer and more approachable. This happens effortlessly within what we call the loving embrace of the “All That Is”. 

What I discovered in nature was an important part of my spiritual journey and my passion is to share this with others. By offering safety and guidance, even those with great trepidation can enter at a level that feels comfortable for them. I hope to help all of you feel the same pulse that has been an essential part of my spiritual path from the beginning. 


Nature calms the mind and brings a deep stillness where you can access your inner truth. It acts as a spiritual healer that opens your heart. A Nature Quest will give you a greater sense of your spiritual path and purpose and will allow you to explore the next steps on your life path.

To learn more about the retreat and future events, please visit:

Degrees & Training
  • MSW: Adelphi University

  • PhD:  Union Institute for Doctoral Studies

  • Post Graduate Training:

    • Psychosynthesis Center of New York

    • The Gestalt Center of Long Island

  • Reiki Level ll Certification

  • Oneness University Healing Certification

  • Previous Adjunct Faculty: Gestalt Center of New York

  • Founder: Wellspring Spirtual Center & Arbutus House

  • Referral Panel Member: Midwest Center for Anxiety & Depression 

  • Licensed Outdoor Guide

  • Certified Volunteer EMT

  • Certified Vision Quest Guide



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