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Changing the World Through Love

This is a beginning of true change in the world. True tolerance. It has to start with our own self.

An experiment you might like to try:

Over the next period of time, set aside 10 minutes a day to enter a meditative state and send oneself Metta, loving-kindness.

  • Pick four statements of what you would like to wish yourself: peace of mind, healing of the body, etc.

  • Imagine yourself in your heart and send yourself these thoughts of kindness and well wishes.

  • Feel the goodness in your heart as you send the love, and the goodness as you receive the love.

  • Experiment with feeling the love as both the giver and receiver.

  • If you wish, you can go further in this meditation. Imagine a loving friend, and send the 4 statements of kindness. Imagine a neutral person, a person in the news.

  • If you truly want to explore this, send kindness to even an enemy. How does this feel?

  • Lastly, send these wishes to all on the planet- or even the universe. May all beings have happiness; may all beings find peace; may all beings be healthy; may all beings take care of themselves with joy.

May you find more and more compassion for yourselves in the days to come. More Metta.

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