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Quieting Your Mind & Spirit in Nature

Nature Retreats

My life passion is exposing people to the mystery of the "Presence" found in nature. The gradual quieting of the mind that many seek through meditation happens naturally in nature. When ones' mind slows down, there is a feeling of peace, connectedness, and appreciation of the rhythm of nature. Natures' colors and sounds become more vivid; people seem softer and more approachable. This happens effortlessly within what we call the loving embrace of the “All That Is."

What I discovered in nature was an important part of my spiritual journey and my passion is to share this with others. By offering safety and guidance even those with great trepidation can enter at any level that feels comfortable.

Why Go On A Nature Retreat?

If you feel that your life doesn't have the richness and meaning that you hoped for or that you are not living up to your full potential, it is time to go on a Nature Retreat.

Take a respite from your harried life. You can experience and deepen your connection with nature. Nature calms the mind and brings a deep stillness where you can access your inner truth. Nature is a spiritual healer that opens your heart.

A nature retreat will give you a greater sense of your spiritual path and purpose and will allow you to explore the next steps on your life path.

Life is too short to live with health and emotional imbalance. You do not have to feel your life is chaotic and has no real direction.

What you will walk away with from being in nature, is a clearer sense of who you are, a deeper connection to nature and an intimate sense of The Divine. You will also be part of a group of like- minded people who might become your soul tribe.

Sharon Goldblum Ph.D

Founder of Your Nature Quest

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