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Your Health And Nature

Nature is essential for one's well being...

Read this recent study to learn more about how nature can affect your mind.

"Summary: A neuroimaging study reveals city dwellers who live closer to forests were more likely to have healthier amygdala structure and were better able to deal with stressful situations.

Source: Max Planck Institute."

Your Nature Quest

Reconnect your mind and body to nature by joining us on a quest. Founded by Dr. Goldblum, Your Nature Quest addresses the growing disconnect between society and our origins in Nature. Sharon found that most individuals in our harried society have become disconnected from themselves and Nature. Nature is often seen as an object to conquer rather than our very sustenance and home. There are few places where people are helped to connect with nature in quiet and harmony. As a psychotherapist, she discovered that when in nature, her clients experienced decreased feelings of emptiness, depression and anxiety. Her clients instead discovered inner peace, clarity and even spirituality.

Click here for more information about joining us on a quest.

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